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Anna Goes to the Zoo 6
Ben Fox Saves the Day 6
Dan and Dan Go Fishing
Noises in the night 6
Animal Groups 6 At the Shops 6 caves missing from original book. Celebrating New Year 6 Food From The World 6 Move It 6  

Media 6 Phonics   Dad and Dan Go Fishing - alternative lesson plans       Caves - Day 1-3 Lesson PlanFlashcard Caves - Level 6
Teacher Notes                      
Media 7 Phonics                    
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media8 Phonics                    
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Media 9 Phonics                    
Teacher Notes Jump lessons 11
Saying Good bye lessons 11 The Chalk Circle lessons 11 Plastic World lessons 11
Bartering 11
Human Movement 11
Insect Sounds 11 Lesson
Sports Clothes
Vote for Me lessons 11  
Media 11
Teacher Notes Gemini
The Call of the wolf new
The Game new
Getting Together Lesson PDF 12 Gold Lesson PDF 12 National Parks Lesson PDF
The Water Cycle new
Thomas Edison Lesson new
Water Worlds combined
Media 12 Phonics                    
Teacher Notes Don't embarrass me Dad Metal Mouth lesson 13
Time Travel Ahoy lesson 13
Asprin lesson new 13
Best Of Friends Lesson 13 Death Of A dinosaur 13 lesson
Energy In Sport new
Hip Hop leson 13    
Media 13 Phonics                    
Teacher Notes Buzz Takes Over lesson 14
Fixing Cars Lesson 14
Secret Agent lesson 14 The Investors Club Lesson 14 Banks and Banking lesson 14 Gold Rush lesson 14
Powering Cars
Reduce Reuse Recycle
The Heart lesson 14 The United Nations lesson 14  
Media 14                      
Teacher Notes Phonics                    
Media 15 Phonics                    
Teacher Notes Mercury and the WoodCutter 16 New Tricks Lesson 16 Scary Movie news 16 Wait and See Lesson 16 Acting the Part new 16 Dams lesson 16 Simple Machines 16 The Changing Map 16 The unusual Jobs new 16 Wheels Lesson 16  
Media 16                      
Teacher Notes Phonics                    
Media 17 Phonics                    
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  Glacier lesson
The Bully new
The Graveyard shift new
The inventors club Meets again lesson The Animal Travellers lesson The beginnings lessons Diary of a twister chaser new
Small pox new
Taxation lesson World Heritage lesson  
media 18 Phonics                    
Teacher Notes
The giants 19
Trapped 19
Venus Bay new1
Clothes then and Now 19 Experimenting with Magnets 19 Garbage 19
Pompeii 19 The green Movement 19  
Media 19 Phonics   Flashcards - Trapped - Level 19 Flashcards - Venus Bay       People Underground - Days 1-3 Lesson Plans Flashcards - Pompeii    
Teacher Notes Dirt on My Shoe 20 Gadget Boy Lesson 20 Making Headlines lesson 20 The Coat lesson 20 Beginnings of Democracy lesson 20 Building pyramids lesson 20 Getting the picture lesson 20 My Bushfire Diary lesson 20 The Great depression lesson 20 Wind Power lesson 20  
media 20 Phonics                    
Teacher Notes Fast Forward 21 Space Junk Meteorites Fast Forward 21 Galileo Galilei Fast Forward 21 International Trade Riddle of the Camel Race New Fast Forward 21 Bear in Camp notes Life in the Amazon Jungle new Fast Forward 21 Locus Plague Fast Forward 21 My Best Friends a Genius Fast Forward 21 New Neighbours Fast Forward 21 Papua New Guinea  
Media 21 Phonics                    
Teacher Notes I wish 22Flashcards - I Wish Mud slide 22 NIco's List 22 The key cutters Grandson 22 Earthquakes 22 Electricity 22 Finding a Place 22 Mining 22 Ralegan Siddhi 22 The Story Of Alexander Fleming 22  
Media 22 Phonics Mudslide - Days 1-3 Lesson Plans Flashcards - Nicos List   Flashcards - Earthquakes Flashcards - Electricity Finding a Place Italian Migration to Australia - Days 1-3 Lesson Plans     Flashcards - The Story of Alexander Fleming  
Teacher Notes Bruno's Tea 23 lesson
Its a Jungle out there new
Lizzy's hidden message 23clesson
The Contest
A Cash less Society new
Aztecs Beliefs new
Discovering Metals 23 Lesson Forces 23 Lesson People Have their Say 23 Lesson    
Media 23 Phonics                    
Teacher Notes Danny's Dream   My Best Friend Thinks I'm a Genius Shipwreck Discovering Chemistry Living in Space   The European Union The House of Wisdom    
media 24 Phonics                    
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media25 Phonics